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Erosion Control
Erosion Control
Erosion Control

S1000 Series - Single Net Straw Blanket (S1000), 90 Day (S1000D) or Biodegradable (S1000BD)


​S2000 Series - Double Net Straw Blanket (S2000), 90 Day (S2000D), or Biodegradable (S2000BD)​

E2000 Series - Double Net Excelsior Blanket (E2000)


SC3000 Series - Double Net 70% Straw, 30% Coir Blanket (SC3000), or Biodegradable (SC3000BD)


Coir Series - Double Net Coir Blanket (C4000), Single Sided (C1000), Double Sided Light (C2000) or Biodegradable (C4000BD)


FUTERRA 7020 3-D Turf Reinforcement Mat (TRM) of continuous monofilaments fused together at their intersections 100 Sy/roll

Landlok 450 TRM (Turf Reinforcement Mat of crimped, interlocking, multi-lobed polypropylene fibers 100 SY/roll

Pyramat (aka: Landlok 300) TRM is a three-dimensional, lofty, woven polypropylene monofiliament matrix 60 SY/roll

Recyclex TRM fibers are 100% recycled pop bottles 80 SY/roll

Curlex Enforcer TRM Biocomposite Turf Reinforcement Mat 60 SY/roll


P5000 Series - TRM Double Net Poly Blanket (P5000)

Ecoduty Bio Staples 4" (1,000/box) & 6" (500/box) biodegradable staples

Sod Staples (metal)/6" x 1" x 6"/1,000/box

Round Top Staples (metal)/1" x 6"/1,000/box

Wood Sod Pegs (hardwood)/MDOT 6"/1,000/box


The Pounder/Magnetic Staple Driver (for use with round top staples)

StapleEase Driver Installs staples in hard ground with ease, available for metal or bio staples