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Hydro Mulch & Hydraulically Applied Products

We stock a wide range of state-of-the-art hydraulically applied products to make sure your next hydro-seeding project is a success!

Profile Products
Second Nature & Conwed Fibers Hydro Mulch, BFM, FGM & FRM's
  • Second Nature Cellulose 100% Paper*, 50# bale

  • Second Nature Wood Fiber 100% Wood*, 50# bale

  • Second Nature Fiber Blend 70% Wood-30% Paper*, 50# bale

  • Second Nature Easy Mix Blend 50% Wood-50% Paper, 40# bale

  • Conwed 1000/100% Wood Fiber*, 50# bale

  • Conwed Enviro Blend/70% Wood-30% Paper*, 50# bale

  • Second Nature SprayMatt Bonded Fiber Matrix (BFM), 50# bale

  • Profile SprayMatrix Fiber Reinforced Matrix (FRM), 50# bale

  • Profile Coco Flex Extended Term-Flexible Growth Medium (ET-FGM)

  • Cover Grow/Expanding Wood & Paper Granules, 40# bag

*Also available with tackifier added.

Profile Products
Hydro-Seed Additives
  • JumpStart 5/Growth Stimulants with Polymers

  • NutraLime Dry/Balances pH in 6-10 days!

  • AquapHix Granular formula for soil pH values over 7.3

  • Sodium-pHix Natural gypsum mineral lowers sodium levels in soil

  • BioPrime 1800/Long-term vegetation aid

  • AquaGel/Holds 400 times its weight in water

  • HydroGreen/100% Recycled Paper*/50# bale

  • HydroGrenn Plus/50% Wood-50% Paper*/50# bale

*Also available with tackifier added

  • Ever-Tak Tackifier/Nonionic Polyacrylamide, 3# per acre

  • TornadoTack ST-1000 Firmly anchor straw to the ground, 500#/acre

  • ConTack Organic tackifier is 100% guar-gum based, 40#/acre

Engineered Soil Media™ (ESM™)
  • ProGanics Biotic Soil Media (BSM) designed as a topsoil alternative that accelerates the development of depleted soils/substrates with low organic matter, low nutrient levels and limited biological activity. ProGanics is not a direct replacement for expensive topsoil, but provides an abundant source of organic matter and soil building components to quickly modify soil chemistry, initiate growth establishment and buildup of the uppermost “O” and “A” soil horizons.

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